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Viono Backup Team.
Viono Backup is a multi-platform remote backup utility that stores your files in an encrypted format on VionoBackup servers. Sign up for our beta program now
At the end of our beta period we will select 3 people at random from our database of active beta testers. They will each win an iPod Nano. You MUST be an active participant in our beta program to qualify

If you do not wish to enter our beta program, but you wish to be kept informed about Viono software and services please enter your email address below. We respect your privacy and will not pass this information to anyone

Choose your files and folders
Choose the files and folders that you would like to automatically backup using Viono Backup. These are the folders that will be checked each time a backup starts to look for new files or changed files.

Optional Passphrase
You can choose a passphrase to encrypt the files that are uploaded to the server. If you leave this screen blank your existing account password will be used to protect your files

You can choose to run your backup at specified intervals. If you wish your backup to occur at 11.00pm ever evening, then the system will do this for you. It even checks to ensure that a fast internet connection is available before backing up

Restoring Files
You can choose to restore all of your files or you can restore individual files whenever necessary. Nobody else can restore your files or access them as they are encrypted and then uploaded to the server, so only you can restore them
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